Dermatology (Ear and Skin Care)

Allergy Testing

Dogs and Cats, just like humans, can have allergies. More than 30% of all skin irritations in these animals can be attributed to allergies. You may notice that your pet's symptoms get worse during the spring and summer, simply because of the increased amounts of pollen in the air during those times.

While the causes of allergies in humans and animals are the same, the clinical signs displayed by the allergies may differ. In humans the classic signs of allergy are nasal and respiratory symptoms. In animals however, it is far more common to show signs of skin irritations with intense itching. Cats often show more signs of respiratory distress (as in humans) than dogs. The classic signs of an allergic animal begin with scratching, feet licking and chewing, face rubbing, and ear infections. As the allergies become more severe, the chewing may eventually lead to bacterial skin problems, although it is not uncommon for them to cause vomiting and diarrhea.

If your pet's history and physical examination suggest that an allergy is likely, our veterinarians may recommend allergy assessment to identify the offending allergens.

RKAH has the capabilities of performing blood allergy testing. Our doctors can develop and tailor allergy treatments (injections) for your pet. This builds the tolerance of the animal to the offending allergen/s so the animal can live more comfortably in its environment ... without any side effects.

Video Otoscopic (Ear) Exam

In addition to our regular ear examination, we have a MedRx ear scope which allows video visualization of internal ear structures for better client education and advanced ear therapies.


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