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Your cat may well feel groggy and disorientated on its return home and will have picked up ‘foreign’ odors in the veterinary surgery. Scent is amazingly important for cats and a change of smell can lead to strained cat relationships. The returning cat may be perceived by cats left at home as an intruder and a potential threat. This is not an uncommon scenario.

You can try and minimize potential problems by:

● Putting some bedding in the carrier for the return home which smells of home/you.

● Using Feliway (available at our hospital) in your home.

● Keeping cats apart initially so that the returning cat gets a chance to pick up the smell of home again.

● Mixing their scents by stroking one and then the other, especially around the head area.

● Supervising re-introductions and carefully gauging the cats’ responses.

● Not overwhelming the cat with attention from people, dogs or other cats.

● Letting the cat initiate close contact, but talk to it and gently stroke or groom.

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