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Annual Wellness Exams

An annual wellness examination gives our veterinarians the chance to evaluate your pet’s overall health and to detect a problem before it turns into a serious illness.  Your pet can’t tell you in words how they are feeling, so we rely on a thorough physical examination to determine if your pet is truly healthy.  Based on the results of the examination, we may recommend further diagnostic tests such as radiographs (X-rays) and blood tests.  When your pet reaches 10 years of age we recommend wellness exams every 6 months.

Intestinal Parasite Prevention

Intestinal parasites are a threat to you, your family, and your pets.  Any dog or cat can become infected with intestinal parasites.  Our annual intestinal parasite screening identifies this potential risk.

New Parasite Prevention Policy

The people of Washington state have often shown kindness to animals in need outside of our state borders. While many animals’ lives have been saved, unfortunately, some have brought in parasites, including heartworm. Washington is one of the few states in the continental United States where heartworm has not yet become endemic, but this may change as infected out-of-state dogs arrive and reside in our neighborhoods. Washington does have a mosquito population that is able to transmit heartworm and, with recent temperature trends, microclimates within the state can now potentially support transmission to native dogs. With the goals of detecting and preventing potential transmission within the state, the State Veterinarian of Washington now recommends that Washington dogs be tested annually for heartwormRedmond Fall City Animal Hospital will thus change its policy from recommending testing for heartworm every 2 years to testing annually.  If you have any questions or concerns about our change in policy, please do not hesitate to call us at 425.868.8008. 

Senior Pet Exams

How does a senior health examination differ from my pet’s usual exam?

As your pet ages, more frequent and extensive examinations will help us detect changes in your pet’s physical condition.  Many of the normal organ functions gradually begin to decline, just as in humans. The eyes, ears, heart, lungs, liver, and kidneys may start to function less optimally, possibly leading to significant medical problems. It is more difficult for older animals to fight infections and problems such as arthritis frequently set in. It is ideal for senior pets to have their owners and our veterinarians work closely together to find and treat problems as early as possible.

The most important aspect of care as your pet reaches the senior years is early detections and treatment of chronic health problems.  As your pet reaches age 7 (5-6 for large dogs), our veterinarians will want to perform a physical examination, along with laboratory tests.  Working together with our veterinarians is essential to early detection of the degenerative changes that can occur as your pet ages.

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